Our Expertise

We use cutting-edge Data Science and Machine Learning Technology to build amazing software.

NLP (Text Processing)

Extract meaningful information from unstructured text. Rank and retrieve information and deploy conversational agents.

Computer Vision

Perceive information from images. Identify, detect, and track objects in an image or video.

Predictive Analytics

Predict future changes using historical data. Anticipate customer behavior and streamline business operations.

Full-Stack Software Development

Develop scalable, intuitive software incorporating leading principles of design and enterprise-level security.

Our Process

Make your project a reality and maximize the impact of your company's AI initiatives.


Opportunity Assessment

We begin by assessing your project goals, finding the opportunities that will generate the greatest ROI and, in some cases, help you create a comprehensive data strategy.


Data Preparation

Effective machine learning runs on good data. We will refine your data, harmonize data from disparate sources, and discover ways we can use your expertise to increase the quality of your data.


Model Development (MVP)

We will rapidly prototype state-of-the-art machine learning models and conduct numerous experiments simultaneously, to quickly discover the perfect solution to your unique business problem.


Full-Stack Software Development

We develop scalable, intuitive software for your AI application incorporating leading principles of design and enterprise-level security.


The team’s knowledge is, in my opinion, second to none and cannot be ignored. They take the time to get to understand your project and feed back strong recommendations.

Peter Melkowski

Cogmatic have been proactive and professional in their approach. They have really added value to what we've worked on together.

Graeme Smith, MD

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